Amidst the desert’s boiling sand and skyscrapers, there are some breathtaking green spots in Dubai to relax and freshen yourself from the racing life. One of those incredible places with impressive greenery and splendid views is Dubai Creek Park. 

Dubai Creek Park is the second biggest park in Dubai and was 1994. The park is like an oasis in the desert or a paradise to the tourist with an amazing wildlife center, music shows, theater, museum, and much more to keep you and your family engaged for the whole day. The plantation and construction are other great aspects of the park, which attracts tourists from all over the world to visit and see the natural beauty presented in a way that stops you in your tracks.

Location of Dubai Creek Park

As the park name says, this park is located on Dubai Creek in Umm Hurair. Dubai Creek Park is situated between Dubai Deira and Bur Dubai- in the heart of Old Dubai. The city healthcare metro station is near the park, so you can hop on either the metro or take the green line, dropping you half a mile near the park.

Ticket and entrances

Dubai Creek Park has five entrances. The three main gates are located on Creek Street, while two entrance gates are from the AL Maktoum Bridge and the bridge of Al Garrod. The entrance ticket to the park cost AED 5 per head. Gate 2 is most common for visitor entry, while people commuting from the metro or green line prefer gate 4.

Activities you can enjoy in Dubai Creek Park.

From boating to cooking some delicious BBQ with family there are a lot of adventures and fun activities for everybody in Dubai Creek Park. Let’s look at the best activities to engage in on your trip to Dubai Creek Park.

  • Have a BBQ party with family

Dubai Creek Park has built BBQ spots where you can easily cook BBQ while lounging with your family. However, the spots are limited, so you must get there on time to acquire the desired spot before all get filled.

  • Relax at the harbor front

What’s better than sipping coffee or tea while glancing over the clear water and cool sea wind swaying your hair? Yes, you can have a peaceful tea time with splendid greenery and view Dhows and boats riding the swift waves of the ocean in Dubai Creek Park.

  • Watch the adorable dolphins

A visit to Dubai Dolphinarium is a must-do activity on your trip. Get entertained by delightful Dolphins stealing your heart while seals also jump in to capture the limelight. You can also see various species of birds and aquatic animals here. In addition, there is a 4D and 5D theater where you can learn more about the dolphins while feeling like you are with them diving in the sea.

There is also a party hall option where you can host school trips or birthdays with a Dolphin show as a special performance to amuse the guests.

  • Let the kids explore the Children’s park

Children’s City is one of the best attractions in Dubai Creek Park. It is an activity-based learning center where the kids can have fun while learning more about nature, science, and the world. The activity center has a planetarium for space lovers, a nature center for kids who adore plants and wildlife, and a science art gallery for explorers. There is also a play area for toddlers so you can comfortably enjoy while your tiny troublemakers are kept busy.

  • Cycle around the park

The Dubai Creek Park is spread over a huge area of land. You can explore it on your feet, but why not have extra fun and use a bicycle to go around the park? This will be a great recreational activity for the whole family and you can enjoy roaming the park while stopping at various activity spots.

  • Go mountain biking

Satisfy your adventure-craving soul and go on mountain biking through the steep and narrow terrains in Dubai Creek Park. Here you get the right environment and all the safety needed so you can attempt this thrilling ride without any fear.

  • Have a top view from the cable car

Have an aerial view of Dubai’s old city and Dubai Creek while riding the Cable car in Dubai Creek Park. The ride lasts 30 minutes and takes you through around 2.3 km of the park. This is a safe, adventurous ride for your family, and you can give your kids a glimpse of Dubai from above the ground.

  • Mini train trip 

Walking around the park or riding a bicycle is not feasible for parents with small kids. So to see all the spots in the park without getting tired, you can ride on the mini train, which will take you all around the park, making your little ones super happy.

  • Have fun at the play area

Get that peaking energy out of your kids while they play in the fantastic play area in Dubai Creek Park. Let them have swings and slides along with climbing, jumping, and many more activities. You can also stroll in the surroundings or relax on a bench while absorbing nature’s calm and beauty.

  • Polish your golfing skills

For golf lovers who don’t get a chance to practice their skills or want to experience golf in real life, Dubai Creek Park has an excellent mini-golf course with 18 holes. So show off your golf skills to friends or polish your skills while your family enjoys the park.

  • Dhow ride 

Another great activity you can do is rent a Dhow and ride on the ocean near the Creek Area. You can also have a walk on the walkway near the Dhow area. You will surely love the park’s tranquil atmosphere while glancing over the garden and the Dubai skyline.

  • Cruise dinner

There are many cruise dinner options in Dubai Creek Park, and you can book one after your trip to the park to have a delicious bite while moving through the ocean along Dubai creek.

  • Shop your heart out

Come to Dubai and not talk about shopping; this is impossible. There are many small shopping areas and Gold Souks in the park or nearby where you can shop for gold, clothes, cosmetics, and anything you want.

Chat your heart out with your partner on a breezy esplanade!

Whether you want to have a romantic day with your better half or refresh your soul with the cool sea breeze, Dubai Creek Park is the best place to be. Here you can have a peaceful picnic with family or burn some calories while cycling around the park. Make your health and mood better on this trip to one of the most impressive parks in the world. 

 Not only that, you have access to many more exciting amusement parks and spots near Dubai Creek so you can explore so much on a single tour. Glance over the huge Burj Khalifa or get a picture at Dubai Frame, discover the old city, or get stunned by the incredible fireworks; Dubai Creek has so much for you to see.