Many people think of the UAE as a backward Arab world with barren land and deserts where nothing is to enjoy except burning in the scorching sun. Let us burst your pessimistic bubble and take you through the amazing things UAE has, making it one of the top spots to visit in the world. 

Home to riches and luxury, UAE has many sights to hold you enchanted. Delve into the glamorous and royal lifestyle, wonders of the human mind, and world-class facilities in UAE. Here is everything you need to know in UAE to relish your trip deeply.

What are the main cities of the UAE?

It’s a common perception worldwide that they consider only Dubai as UAE, while that is only a small part of it. There are many other amazing cities to explore in the UAE. United Arab Emirates (UAE) includes seven Arab emirates that are:

  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Abu-Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Fujairah
  • Umm Al-Quwain
  • Ras-Al-Khaimah

Some things you have to know before going to UAE

UAE is a place of beauty and excitement. The culture here is a mix of many cultures worldwide, but some of the core values of the Arabic world are still intact. To avoid any hassles and have the best time on your visit, here are important facts about UAE that you must keep in mind:

  • UAE has a hot climate

UAE is a desert land, and the sun is scorching. During summers, the heat is unbearable and if you can bear that much heat, then plan your trip; otherwise, it is better to opt for colder seasons. If you are going in mild seasons, don’t forget to load up with sunscreens and shades to protect your skin from harsh sun rays.

  • It is loaded with historical sites

Although the UAE is famous for its skyscrapers and architectural development, there are many historical sites to see. You can witness the past of Arabic art and architecture here in forts, Dubai’s old city, emperor’s palaces, and ancient mosques

The culture is conservative

Besides all the development in facilities and architecture, UAE has a conservative Arabic environment. Public display of affection is prohibited in some emirates while not appreciated in others. Also, you need to wear modest clothes and can’t drink openly. In addition, there are strict laws against prostitution and adultery in most states.

You will find a Cosmopolitan environment there

Even though the UAE has Islamic laws and policies, the culture here is cosmopolitan. There is a blend of traditions and cultures from all over the world. People live with peace and harmony and show immense acceptance and tolerance towards each other. There is rarely a case of violence in the UAE.

There are many exciting adventures and thrilling sports to try

From terrifying shark encounters to swimming with dolphins or jumping from the world’s tallest tower, UAE has the most exciting activities and adventure sports to make your heart jump out of your body. From amazing rides to all kinds of water sports and wildlife exploration, there is so much for adrenaline addicts here.

  • It is the hub of Skyscrapers 

 Undoubtedly, UAE is a paradise of manmade wonders and skyscrapers; you can see sky-reaching towers everywhere you go. The tallest building in the world, the largest carpet handloom, gigantic fountains, and unique structures or artificial islands are all pieces of evidence of the developmental advancement of the UAE. 

  • Heaven for food lovers

UAE has no particular cuisine, but you can find all global cuisines here. So no matter whether you crave Thai food or want a bite of Turkish kebab, UAE offers the best food chains in the world to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Tipping is not their thing

In Arabic culture, tipping is not a common or appreciated thing. They charge you a service fee instead in the bill, and if you still wish to tip your waiter, you surely can.

  • One of the safest locations in the world

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, ranks 25th among the world’s best places to live, and UAE has almost zero percent crime rate. Law enforcement agencies and police are super observant and leave no chance for misconduct. People can forget their stuff in malls or public areas and come back hoping to get it.

  • Rules for women are different

UAE has different laws for women, so if you are from the modern world like US or UK or belong to a feminist fan club, make sure to adjust to these laws to avoid any inconvenience. Women are supposed to be dressed a certain way and follow certain regulations; there are different standards and opportunities in the job sector and education for them, which independent women won’t like much.

  • You need modest clothing

UAE has a conservative culture, and thus that applies to the dress code too. Men and women need to dress modestly. Especially women should either wear an abaya or wear fully-covered clothes. Although in some cities they are free to wear anything, in most parts of the UAE you need proper and unrevealing clothes.

  • The weekend is Friday and Saturday

In the UAE, Sunday is not a day off from work. Instead, you get Friday and Saturday as a holiday. Friday holds prime importance for Muslims; thus, it is given a holiday so that people can go for Jummah prayer and attend khutbahs in the mosque.

  • You will find the most loving and hospitable people here

UAE has the most revenue coming from tourism, so they will offer their visitors the best experience they can’t forget. From luxurious hotel rooms to extra facilities and amenities, they don’t leave any chance to impress you. Not only that, Arabs are known for their impeccable hospitality worldwide, and here you can witness that for real.

  • Splendid deserts and beaches to visit

You can’t miss visiting the deserts of UAE on your trip, as that is the core feature of UAE. Gigantic Desserts loaded with thrilling activities, cozy camps, and dine-in spots, you will have the fun of your life exploring the life of Bedouins. 

  • You will see gold and diamonds everywhere
Everything You Need to know in UAE

The UAE has huge gold reserves, and you will see gold and diamonds everywhere as if they were for free. From mosques to statues, each is covered in gold. You can see many jewelry shops. Also, the phones, tablets, and even the hotel toilet in luxury rooms are made of gold.

  • Most people in the UAE are not Citizens

UAE has a very small population of its own, and most residents are outsiders living there or tourists on vacation. 

  • It’s a tax-free Country

The government of UAE doesn’t take taxes from their citizens, and it is almost a tax-free zone where you don’t have to pay any taxes for anything you buy or earn. The government provides many facilities and benefits to the citizens but doesn’t charge them any taxes.

  • It’s a non-alcoholic and pork zone

In most of the UAE, alcohol and pork are banned, and you can’t carry them with you. However, you can buy them in Dubai or some particular hotels, but they are super expensive.

Research and prepare beforehand so you enjoy your stay in the UAE!

Whether you want a cozy romantic getaway with your spouse or want to get some thrill and adventure, UAE is the spot to find it all. UAE holds the best of human creations, and you would truly appreciate the marvels of creativity here. From enjoying global cuisine to walking on floors adorned by gold and precious gems, you can truly feel the extravagance and the immense hospitality of the Arab world.