Best Activities in Dubai for Tourists

Dubai is the hub of luxury, lifestyle, and adventure. From shopping at every brand’s outlet in the world to tasting the flavor of every continent, there is nothing you can’t find here. It’s a world of its own, and you will be amazed to see people from every culture, region, and religion living here peacefully and happily.

When you look from the outside, Dubai seems to be only filled with flashy malls, gold-covered buildings, and restaurants, but peeking closer, you will see all that it has in store for you. There is so much to explore and visit in Dubai that a single trip might be less to cover all. 

To ease your confusion, we have picked some of the best activities in Dubai for tourists.

Spots for Food Lovers

Who doesn’t love food? We start with some of the best places for food lovers or the ones who would like to have a bite at mouthwatering Arab delicacies with a view:


    • Dinner at Sky restaurant

Sitting above the ground in the open air and enjoying your dinner date sounds tempting, right?

Sky restaurant is one of the best spots you shouldn’t miss to visit. The view can be intimidating for some, but if you have enough guts, try to have a bite at this restaurant, and this we can assure you it will be a worth remembering experience.


    • Cruise Buffet

If you love the soothing sea breeze and the calming sound of flowing water, you must go for a cruise dinner or have breakfast at the yacht. This gives you two in one package, and you can enjoy the view of Dubai creek while tasting some great food.


    • BBQ at Bedouin camp

A Desert safari trip is incomplete without a BBQ dinner in the Bedouin camp. If you aren’t interested in exploring the desert or engaging in some other activities, you can book a dinner in the desert. You can either get personal space or enjoy dinner at the camp while entertaining yourself with Arab folk music and dance.


    • Dine-in at Burj Al Arab

If you like to have a royal dinner, you can go to any restaurant in Burj Al Arab, or you can try any cafes inside the hotel and the ones near it. Many restaurants offer food from various cuisines, and you can pick according to your liking.

Activities for Adventure Junkies

Now for the thrill lovers who want to test their courage, there are so many heart-skipping activities in Dubai. Some of the top experiences for adventure seekers include:


    • SkyDiving

Jumping from a plane above the ocean will make your heart miss a beat. Sky diving is one of the most nerve-wracking and incredible experiences in Dubai. The view is jaw-dropping, and seeing the gigantic Dubai skyline beneath you will race the adrenaline in extra doses in your body.


    • Quad Biking

One of the most liberating and safest adventures is quad biking. You can freely move around the desert or on the lakeside at full speed without additional risks. It allows you to explore the places on your own and at your desired pace with no one rushing you or disturbing the peace of the views you like to absorb.


    • Indoor Skiing

If you want chilly sports in boiling desert weather, go for indoor skiing in Dubai. Here you get all the training and gear, and you can enjoy for hours on ice while trying some thrilling tricks and activities too.


    • IMG World

Coming to Dubai, don’t get your blood pressure spiked at terrifying rides in IMG world of Adventures would be unjust with your tour. At IMG world, you can try the most thrilling rides in the world and satisfy the adrenaline-thirsty soul inside you.


    • Shark Encounter

Dive inside the deepest indoor pool in Dubai mall, locked in a steel cage amid the terrifying sharks that will jump your heart out of your body. This is one of the most challenging and risky adventures in Dubai.

For those who love to know Art and history

If you are a fan of art and want to know more about the history and art of the land, then there are many historical spots and art galleries to interest you. Some of the best places to explore the history of the Emirates are as follows:


    • Dubai Museum

Witness the striking art and enchanting paintings telling the story of Arabs history and the transition of old desert land into a fast-running city. It is a great spot to learn history and what it looked like in the past. You can explore the old forts, remains from boats, weapons, and other things used by the Bedouins back in the old days.


    • Fahidi Square

If you want to peek at what the real Dubai was like before it transformed into this hub of sky-rising buildings and flashing lifestyles, then Fahidi Square is the place. It holds the old architecture, buildings, houses, and many architectural constructions of the past. Roam around in the narrow lanes of the old city and feel the vibe of authentic Arab culture.


    • Jumeirah Mosque

It is one of the most breathtaking mosques in Dubai and is a remarkable example of Arabic architecture and history. A research center also organizes guided tours of the masjid along with educating the visitors about history, art, and culture.

Scenic views and relaxing 

If you want to indulge in some relaxing and enchanting views with a calm atmosphere, a visit to the following places is a must for you:


    • Creek Park

If you want to have a fun-filled day with family and enjoy mesmerizing sunset, sports, and BBQ with friends, there is no better place than Dubai Creek Park. The park holds everything you want to enjoy, from cycling to boating, having dinner on a cruise, or exploring the Dubai marina. 


    • Miracle Garden

Experience the beauty of nature and get lost in the world’s most extensive flower garden in Dubai. It holds species of flowers from all over the world, with approximately 10 million flowers. There are buildings made from flowers, even a flower Burj khalifa, that might tempt you to visit this gorgeous place.


    • Butterfly Garden

Another attractive place for nature lovers is Dubai Butterfly garden, where thousands of butterflies are sitting on flowers. Get hold of the real butterflies and let your kids run behind them all day in a calm and natural habitat far from the chaos of the buzzing world.

It also has a museum where you can learn about the species of butterflies, their lifecycle, and other related information.

Taste every flavor of this enchanting city!

Enjoy royal pampering in a seven-star luxury staycation or dive into the ocean’s depth, fly in the sky, or hit the massive sand dunes at full speed; Dubai has something for everyone. Getting you the best outlets to eat and shop to explore the rich culture of Arabs Dubai has different sides, each incredible on its own.

So plan out your activities and book tickets and tours beforehand because you don’t want to wait and miss anything on your list.

Happy Vacation!