Wake up the sporty soul in you to have one of the most thrilling experiences in the world at quad biking in the Dubai Desert. Gliding through the sand dunes at electric speed and all the jumping and jerks will shake up all your senses to life.

Quad biking is a terrific way to explore the desert if you have enough stamina and guts to bear all the bumping, speed, and wind pressure of the desert. Well, don’t get carried away by our statement, and look at the following things before you make up your mind to experience quad biking in Dubai.

What is included in the quad biking tour?

Usually, quad biking is an included activity in desert safari tours. You can enjoy dune bashing, camel rides, meals at Bedouin camp, falconry, and many other activities. You can either pick a whole desert tour on quad biking or have some fun racing with other riders in a small part of the desert.

Is quad biking worth it?

The quad biking experience is worth the expense as you get self-control over your speed and wherever you like to explore and stop to glance at scenic views in the desert. Whether you want to take pictures or enjoy an enchanting sunset you don’t have to ask anyone and can explore the desert at your own pace and choice.

Not only that, going down the sand dunes at high speed while sandy air sways against you will challenge the adventure lover in you, and this is a must-attempt activity for you.

Amazing things you can explore while riding on a quad bike

You can enjoy many spots and stopping points while touring the desert on a quad bike. Some of the activities you can engage in during the quad biking tour are:

  • Having a cup of coffee while enjoying sunset or sunrise, 
  • Have a live encounter with wildlife, 
  • Take pictures with falcons,
  • Stop at camp to watch local dances or to shop at any local art shop.

What are the safety concerns related to quad biking?

Although you are provided safety gear and guides will ride beside you if you are an amateur, there are still chances of injuries, scratching, back pains, or heat stroke due to rough driving and scorching sun.

The age limit is 15 years and above, and it’s better to get a practice session and guidelines before you attempt this activity, as there is some risk involved.

How much does a quad biking tour cost?

On average, a quad biking tour costs around 100 AED and can go up to 1500-2000 AED depending on the added activities and facilities. If you are interested in just quad biking with a desert safari tour, you can pick any desert safari tour that matches our budget and interests.

Best season and time for a quad biking trip

Dubai, being desert land, is always hot, but if you have less endurance for heat and physical strength, you should pick cooler seasons and evening tours. Evening tours will give you more comfort and ease to explore the desert without getting tired or getting heat headaches.

What are the requirements for driving a quad bike?

The minimum age criteria for riding a quad bike is 15 years, and you must be completely fit physically and have some knowledge of driving quad biking. You will get a guide session and some practice testing before going on a desert tour.

Guide to pick the best quad biking tour

There are many quad-biking tours available in Dubai. To pick the best one you will enjoy most keep the following factors in mind:

  • Weather

One of the primary factors is the weather. Pick a cloudy and cool day to go for quad biking. This way, you will enjoy more and sweat less. Also, you will have more energy to stay in the desert for longer.

  • Time duration

Another point to consider is the duration of the tour. The not too long and not too small trip will be good. Pick a tour lasting about 3 to 4 hours to explore more, or book a full-day tour with dinner and other activities included.

  • Evening or morning tour

Depending on your physical capability and the people accompanying you, pick from an evening or morning tour. People who like to explore the desert in all light and want to reach back before night should go for morning tours, while for family groups, an evening quad biking trip is better.

  • Budget

The most significant deciding factor is how much you want to spend on a quad biking tour. Pick a tour that offers better facilities and activities in your budget.

  • Type of bike

See the options of bikes they offer for a tour and pick the tour that provides the bike models you want to drive.

  • Route 

Check for the tour routes and lengths to choose the most appropriate tour. If you want a long tour and explore uncrowded parts of the desert, you want a small quick drive. You can have many options offered according to your liking.

  • Comfort and safety requirements

Before picking up any tour, check for reviews and details about the safety and facilities they provide. Go for a tour that offers satisfactory comfort and follows safety guidelines to protect its customers. Don’t make a haste decision in choosing a tour that has faulty bikes or provides no sufficient protective gear.

Tips for a quad biking tour

To have a safe and enjoyable quad biking experience in Dubai, follow these small tips and be stress and pain-free:

  • Wear comfortable clothes

 Taking the heat and humid weather, wear some breathable and loose clothing so that your body remains cool and dry all along the tour.

  • The helmet is a must

Never ride a bike without a helmet, as head injuries can get severe and get you into many problems later.

  • Wear all the safety accessories

Be fully dressed for the ride. Remember to wear Knee pads, elbow pads, shoes, helmets, and all other protective gear to enjoy without fear of injuries from falling or bumping into another bike.

  • Protect the skin

Load up on spf15 to protect your skin from tanning and getting painful sunburns after the tour.

  • Wear goggles

 Sand can get into your eye and may irritate them or blind you during the ride. This can get quite risky, so always wear goggles to have clear vision during the ride and save your eyes from irritations and allergies.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Drink juices and water frequently so your muscles don’t get dehydrated and drained in the desert.

  • Listen carefully to the guidelines

Pay proper attention to the guideline your tour guide gives you, and keep all the points and demonstrations of operating the bike in your head.

  • Have a practice session before the tour

If you are a newbie, it’s better to have a practice ride with the guide before going for the desert tour.

  • Asses the bike properly.

Before hopping onto the quad bike, check all the functions and body of the bike to ensure safety and rule out any risks for accidents.

  • Stick to the given route

Never go on an unknown route or diverge from the path given to you. Keep riding with other bikers and avoid going alone or any other secluded way as it can be dangerous, or you might get lost.

Level up the speed and thrill with a quad bike in the Dubai Desert!

Gear up your energy and courage to have a terrifying ride through the sand clouds in the Dubai desert on a quad bike. Take control of your tour and explore the desert the way you like. 

So get your bags packed and strengthen your heart to hop on quad bikes and ATVs and bash the dunes with your unnerving zest.