Quad Biking Tours in Dubai

Quad biking is one of the most exhilarating and refreshing experiences you can have in Dubai. From roaming around the massive desert to hitting the greener area on the lakeside, riding a quad bike will make your adrenaline dose high and your mind happier. What makes the ride more enjoyable is that the quad bike sped through at electric speed and gives you complete shockproofing and smooth performance.

From acquiring the best models and latest quad bikes to ensuring optimum safety and ride comfort, we offer you a unique experience in Dubai. Beating all competitors with incredibly low charges and attractive deals, our quad biking tours must be the first activity on your checklist.

Here are some of our exclusive quad biking tours in Dubai that you can avail of without getting out of budget.

  • Quad biking at Evening Safari tour

This evening safari tour organized by us includes quad biking activity. You will get 30 minutes on quad bikes to explore a specific area of the desert while our guides will ride beside you for your safety and guidance.

The trip includes other activities such as dune bashing, sunset photography, BBQ dinner, camel rides, and much more. This is a VIP desert safari tour, and you get a personal table and separate services with AC sitting areas and a commute from your hotels.

The tour costs around 300 AED for children below 3 years free of charge.

  • Morning Desert trip quad bike ride

Another is our exclusive desert safari tour, including the scenic sunrise and other desert activities such as camel ride, sandboarding, 4WD desert tour, dune bashing, and much more. You can add in quad biking for additional charges in this tour and have a ride for as long as you like.

You can swap other activities with a quad biking tour, and we will give you a customized quote. The charge for this trip is 650 AED, and we provide pick and drop from your stay location.

  • Yamaha 700cc ride

Dare to race through the sea of sand at rocketing speed on this high-speed Yamaha quad bike that will give terrors in your imagination. This is one the latest and fastest models of quad bikes, and you can get your hands on this beast ride at an unbelievably low price.

Whether you want to have an hour or ride the whole day on this in the desert, it is available for you. Their charge starts from 729 AED per hour after the discount.

  • Ride on Desert Polaris

This is a great quad bike model with extra safety and comfort. So if you are looking for a more stable and comfortable ride, then you should go for this. The speed and performance of this quad bike are no less than the above one, and you can book this ride for only 699 AED per hour. You can include this in your desert safari trip or get a personalized tour on a quad bike booked with us.

  • Yamaha-400CC desert tour

Those who want an affordable ride with a quad bike ride that provides satisfactory speed and performance can opt for a Yamaha 400 CC quad bike ride. It is comfortable and safe to ride, especially for amateurs who want a moderate-speed bike tour. The pricing for this quad bike is only 349 AED per hour, and you can either get this on your desert safari tour or get a customized plan per your liking.

How can you make your quad biking experience better?

Quad biking tours are pleasurable, but the weather conditions and the roughness of the ride might have a toll on your physical health. To have fun and remain fit and happy afterward, make sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • The first thing to consider is the weather in Dubai. Being a desert, it is always hot, and the sun is shining bright there but if you pick colder seasons, you can enjoy more without getting tired. Those who can bear the heat can go for a morning trip, while for families, especially with kids, evening tours or trips during the spring season are advisable.
  • Quad bike rides are bouncy, and there will be a lot of jumps and jerks on the way. You should only opt for a quad biking tour if you are healthy and have no physical injury, issues like backaches, etc.
  • Stay away from exploring unknown areas in the desert, as you might get lost, which can risk your safety.
  • Follow the guide and pay attention to the demo session to avoid any inconveniences later.
  • Wear loose, light fabric clothes to remain comfortable and dry in the heat.
  • Apply proper sunblocks to prevent tanning and sunburns
  • Cover your head with a shade, cap, or scarf so that your head doesn’t get heated up
  • Adequate hydration is the key to staying active and avoiding heat strokes in the scorching heat of the desert
  • Don’t try to race with other riders or try any extra stunts you are not trained for
  • Never compromise on safety and wear proper protective gear all the time

Hit the accelerator as fun is going to break through the meter!

Quad bike tours are incredible, and you will always crave another one afterward. The freedom of exploring the desert on your own and having control of your ride is another additional factor that makes the ride so enjoyable. Stare at the mesmerizing sunrise, slide down the sand dunes at high speed, race through narrow pathways, or stop to click a picture with falcons. There is no time limit, nor is anyone nagging you to speed up.

Book your exclusive quad biking tours now with us and get amazing discounts and customized deals fitting your budget and needs.