Experiences on a Desert Safari in Dubai

Going on a desert safari tour in Dubai is one of a kind experience. With magnificent sandy dunes and golden sunlight making the sand particles sparkle, the sunset view is incredible. Dubai Desert holds so much to explore and enjoy for you, and you should make sure not to miss a thing because it’s not every day you get to visit desert safari. 

Even if you are not a fan of desert and adventure, you could still enjoy the solitude and calm of the desert and relax at a camp with no rush or noise around. Discover the bravura of nature in the massive deserts of UAE and live the best day of your life. 

There are so many activities included in the tours, or you can pick yourself according to your taste, but the best ones are as follows

Go To Sandboarding

Ski smoothly on the silky sand dunes in the desert and explore the vast land on your own. Discover each corner and leave no patch behind you unseen. Sandboarding in the desert safari in Dubai is one the favorite activities on a desert safari tour that attracts many speed lovers who want to have a thrill plus tour the desert like they wish to with no one to guide and dictate them

Ride on ATV

Another adventure-filled activity in the desert is riding a quad bike or ATV and speeding through the sand dunes. This is a fantastic experience and totally worth it. You have to keep your heart strong as going down the dunes can be exhilarating, and you might feel like you are going to fall from your quad bike.

You can have a trainer ride with you or get a crash lesson so that you can drive safely and without any accidents. 

    • Have Camel tour

Riding on a camel gives you the true essence of desert life, and exploring the desert on a camel is worth the hassle. Slowly moving your way through the gigantic desert and saving each view in your memory register is one incredible experience. There will be a guide to tell you the land’s history and update you about the points you travel through on your trip.

There are rest camps in between so you can relax a bit and get on to your tour again. Seeing the sunset from the camel behind the dunes is another entrancing scene.

    • Soak up the setting sun from a Hot air Balloon

Another exclusive experience on a desert safari in Dubai is the hot air balloon rise. As far as you can see, the sandy spread from above is one heart-jumping view. Also, the sunset view from the hot air balloon is one of the most romantic and captivating things.

So if you want an out-of-the-world proposal or to celebrate your anniversary memorably, this hot air balloon ride for watching the sunset in the desert safari in Dubai is a must-try.

    • Lounge in a Bedouin camp

However, real Bedouins are rare to find nowadays. Still, there are setup Bedouin camps in the desert where you can relax and have a meetup with your friends in a traditional Arabic way sipping coffee and enjoying Arabic desserts and dates.

There are many theaters of cultural shows going on, or you can request a dancer or folk singer for a live performance. You can buy some handicrafts or art pieces as souvenirs or get henna tattoos on your hand.

    • Gaze at the Milky Way 

Seeing the Milky Way without a telescope is not possible in the polluted atmosphere of the city. Here in the desert, you can stay for a night and enjoy the star-filled sky in the fresh and clear atmosphere of the desert. You can use binoculars and a telescope too. There are some observatories in the desert safari in Dubai where you can book to stay and explore the planets, galaxies, and nebulas.

    • Have a bite of hearty Arab Cuisine

Arabic cuisine is known for its richness in flavor and abundance of meat. You can enjoy delicious BBQ and special Arabic dishes on the dinner buffet. Also, you can order any seafood items or dishes you would like to enjoy and have them cooked live while you enjoy the soothing music and other side salads and fruit platters.

You can also book a personal camp dinner where you can have a lovely date with delectable food or invite your friends over and choose the menu yourself according to your taste buds.

    • Bash the Dunes in 4WD 

If you want a thrilling ride in the desert safari in Dubai without burning in the sun or getting the sand in your nose and hair, you can go for dune bashing activity. You can travel inside the 4WD and up and down the dunes at high speed. There are experienced drivers to roam you around the desert. Moreover, if you wish for a self-driving tour, you can book one; you need a driver’s license for that.

    • Have fun at music shows and night events in the desert

There are many festivals, night shows, and musical nights going on in the desert where you can stop and enjoy the local literature and music. The local dancers entertain the tourists with their engaging performances. You can get lost in the hypnotizing music and profound poetry of Arabic culture. Listen to the tales of the past and stories in which to get immersed completely.

    • Witness the captivating sunset and sunrise behind the dunes 

One of the most adorable desert safari in Dubai experiences is seeing the sunrise or sunset. On your tour, at least witness one of them, and it will be best to book a tour from morning to evening so you can watch both and save those remarkable views in your heart and eyes.

Some Tips for Your Desert Safari in Dubai Tour

Before booking a desert safari tour, consider your options and pick the best-suited one within your budget. Here are some tips to avail  your desert safari tour to the fullest:

    • Make sure to keep hydrated and keep a scarf or hat to avoid heating up

    • Load up on suns creams

    • Get a customized tour and include only activities you want to do

    • Consider the heat and weather before choosing an evening or day trip

    • You can select premium packages if you have kids with you and want to ensure comfort and safety

    • Dress up in breathable and loose outfits, as they will keep you cool and comfortable

Make your memory box full of exciting adventures and enchanting views!

Although Dubai is synonymous with luxury and advancement, experiencing the desert’s discomfort and raw nature will make you feel the natural UAE energy and culture. Know the local people and history closely and explore the real Dubai and how people lived before it became a dreamland. Play with the falcons or see the wildlife closely.

Pick your activities wisely and carefully divide your time so that you don’t have to rush and get time to absorb the beauty and splendidness of the scenic views.