Dubai is the hub of entertainment and thrill. People from all over the world come to this amazing city to enjoy the summer sun on the beaches, ride on thrilling rides, and relax in the royalty at luxury hotels and resorts.

But there is too much to cover in a trip, so you should list places you don’t want to miss at any cost. Due to the high temperature and scorching summer sun, people don’t fancy roaming around during the day. But instead of wasting time lounging on the hotel couch, why not hit some fun and heat-free places?

Visit the astonishing indoor theme parks in Dubai and have fun at water parks to kill boredom and heat simultaneously.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Among the hundreds of spots to visit, we have listed down some of the best parks and resorts in Dubai that you must see. 

Aquaventure Water Park

Filled with aquatic species and terrifying sharks the pools and slides at Aquaventure Park are one of a kind in the world. From the steep fall of the faith slide to the glass slide gliding underwater through the pool of sharks, this park lives up to its name, Aqua= water venture=adventure.

Not only are the slides fun, but you can chill out in massive pools and enjoy with your kids and family in this water heaven.

Dubai Riverland

If you are a fan of medieval times and want to experience French or European history, this theme park in Dubai is a must-visit spot for you. The park has four distinct zones: French village, India gate, Peninsula, and Boardwalk.

So enjoy a glance at old London, the subcontinent, American entertainment history, French art and culture, and that too with no charges. Amazing, isn’t it?

Palm Atlantis

Talking about the resort in Dubai and not taking the name of Atlantis, The Palm is impossible. It’s a different world on its own. With Beach views, boating, gigantic pools, and many other activities far from the city’s noise, this resort is a paradise for tourists wanting to have a luxurious and royal staycation. Dive into this royal experience and cherish the cam and comfort forever.

Legoland Water Park

We all love to play with Legos and make our Lego amusement parks. But have you ever wondered about seeing that in reality? This Lego-themed water park in Dubai is a depiction of your dreams. With enormous Lego blocks making up the slides, floor, and rides, you can feel like you are in a Lego video game.

Legoland is one of the four parks in Dubai parks and resorts and is famous among tourists and local residents.

Bollywood Park


Sway your stole like a Bollywood heroin in the Bollywood Park Dubai. It is another zone in the Dubai parks and resorts. The park is divided n into five zones with the themes of Bollywood film studios, Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, Mumbai chowk, and Royal plaza. You can also get a chance to meet your favorite Bollywood film celebrities there.

You can click pictures with the sets from your favorite movies, enjoy music and theaters, and indulge in the delicacies from the subcontinent in the Cafes.

Motion gate Dubai

Now for Hollywood lovers, the Dubai parks and resorts have a separate zone dedicated to the world of Hollywood studios. The park holds studios from three big motion picture studios in Hollywood, and you can experience thrilling movie scenes in reality on these sets with artificial sound and effects.

You can also enjoy live shows, get on family rides and engage in many other activities.


What’s more soothing than seeing snow in summer or engaging in winter sports without any risks of frost or accidents? Ski- Dubai is an indoor theme park for snow lovers. So get your adrenaline dose increased with the exhilarating sports and rides. 

The park holds the world’s largest indoor skiing slope, and you can meet the Penguin family in real life. You can also get crash tutorials or skiing and get tips from experts to polish your skills.

Global village Dubai

global village

Merging up different cultures and arts of the world, this theme park in Dubai is a miniature version of the world. From shopping malls to exciting rides and dining options for lovers of any cuisine, this park holds entertainment for all. You can also enjoy musical shows, games, and handicrafts and take pictures with model landmarks from all over the world. 

There are separate pavilions, each having live festivals, shows, and cultural heritage from various regions of the world. So explore the world in depth at this theme park in Dubai.

Four Seasons resort 

Located at Dubai Jumeirah Beach, the four-season family resort is an experience on its own. Coddle in the royal five-star experience with the breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea right from your room’s balcony.

The resort has many luxury amenities and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Freestyle massive pools to have fun with your kids or have a hot bath in spa-like bathrooms in your rooms. You can also swim at the adults-only pool or burn some calories at the resort gym. Pamper yourself in the Pearl Spa, a sanctuary for Dubai residents regarding beauty, skin treatments, and relaxing massages.

You can dine at the cafes with an Asian seafood-themed menu or experience the traditional Arab dining style at their outdoor café on the terrace. Also, there is a vegetarian restaurant right across the resort’s main entrance. 

The best part of staying at four seasons resort is that you get free passes for Dubai parks and resorts, including the Motiongate, amusement park, Legoland, and Bollywood Parks.

Kidzania Amusement Park

Get your kids to experience practical life and how it is to live like an adult and deal with real-life problems. This interactive theme park is designed for kids to explore the world independently. They will learn to survive on their own, like earning money and tackling practical problems.

It’s one of a kind amusement park established to educate and train young minds and instill a sense of independence and responsibility in them.

Explore the City of Pleasure to the fullest!

Dive into the glass water pools, slide with the sharks around you or sway in the air at the world’s tallest roller coasters in Dubai. Filled with incredible swings, beautiful structures, and many other entertaining activities, Dubai’s parks, and resorts will keep you engaged until the last minute of your visit. Meet the celebrities and see them perform live at theaters in Motiongate or have a mouth-watering seafood buffet at the Dubai water canal.

Staying at resorts will enable you to have more fun without the hassle of commuting from a hotel far away. Moreover, breakfasts with a view or dine-ins with calming and enchanting ambiance will make your heart stay there for a long time.

Remember to divide your time according to the activities and approximate waiting time so that you can benefit completely from your visit to any resort or theme park in Dubai.