A little insight into life in UAE

Before you go on exploring the Emirates, get an idea about the culture, practices, and history of the land and its people.

History of UAE

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UAE was a tribal Arabic land with massive deserts and a rich culture of Arabs. The UAE is composed of seven Emirates that formed a single state in 1971.

 The present-day UAE is a combination of both ancient culture and the modern world. You will see both from extra fast lifestyle to core Arabic traditions in UAE. Each of the Emirates has a different environment and strictness and regulations as they have been populated way before they joined hands to form a single state.

No matter how modern and developed the UAE has become, Islam is still the defining standard of the values and culture of the UAE. The basic culture and art of UAE include a blend of rich Arabic and Persian cultures. However, with time due to tourism and many immigrants from South Asia and other parts of the world, UAE has a cosmopolitan vibe in its traditions, art, and culture. 

Emiratis are proud of their heritage and traditions and promote their rich culture and values among tourists and immigrants as much as possible. You can explore Arabic pottery, dances, poetry, and stunning embroidery. During the past decades, the literature and painting of the UAE have also gained much popularity worldwide.

Food of UAE

Fill in your plates with mouth-watering and exotic Emirati cuisine, a remix version of various world cuisines, and traditional Arabic dishes. The most popular food items in the UAE are camel meat or lamb. Seafood is also very common in the UAE. Although the spice level is low, if you like the flavor in your food, you can try some modified versions of the dishes. The core dishes originate from Persian or Arabic cuisine. However, the UAE cuisine dishes are meaty, but you can get some amazing vegetarian dishes like humus, fattoush, etc.

Dressing code

In most cities, UAE has a strict dress code, and you must dress up modestly, and no short or provocative dresses are allowed. The dress code for women is a bit more rigid, and in most parts, they are required to wear an Abaya or coat to cover themselves.

In Dubai or Sharjah they are free to dress up but can wear revealing clothes that may show undergarments. Swimwear or costumes are only allowed at beaches or in pool areas and nowhere else.

Law and Order Situation

The UAE is one of the safest places in the world to live and visit. The crime rate is super low and with proper vigilance and administration crimes rarely happen. Try to keep your things in check and don’t trust any strangers or take lifts from anyone to avoid any mishaps or accidents.

The laws are very strict in UAE, and if you try to break any, you may face severe penalties, deportation, or, in worse cases, imprisonment. Don’t carry any banned items or get involved in any activities that may get you in some trouble.

Festivals and Religious Followings

The state religion in UAE is Islam hence most of the festivals and holidays in UAE are Islamic. The UAE also respects non-Muslim festivals and cultures, and there are celebrations for Christmas Eve or Holi in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE. There is a Jazz festival for foreign communities held every year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a Thanksgiving celebration, and much more to create a tolerant and respectful environment for people of different religions.

On 2nd December national day of UAE is celebrated, so there are a lot of lights, decorations, and festivities going on there in December.

Local people and treatment

Hospitality is a core value in Arabic culture and you can witness it in UAE. The local people of UAE are so welcoming and hospitable. They treat you with immense friendliness and respect and comfort you as much as possible. The UAE government takes many initiatives to facilitate tourists. You can also feel the lovable vibe and warmth with which they treat you in hotels, restaurants, and other places.

Some important things to remember on your visit to UAE

UAE has a different set of rules and environment from your home country and if you don’t want to get into any problem, then keep the following point in your mind:

  • No drugs or Alcohol

UAE has a complete ban on drugs, alcohol, and pork. So don’t even think of carrying any of them with you on your trip. There is very strict screening at the airport, and you might end up losing your items, plus facing some interrogation and paying penalties. 

If you are on some medication, make sure to carry a certified prescription with you to carry those medicines with you. In addition, you can get pork or alcohol in some hotels and resorts, but they are extra pricey and not easy to find.

  • Dress modestly

If you are from Europe or some modern country, dress according to the dress code before you arrive in UAE as there are very certain about modest clothing, and you would have to face difficulties if you don’t abide by their dress code.

  • No offensive behavior

Public displays of affection like kissing or making out, swearing or fighting in public, or being offensive to police or authorities can get you deported or in jail. So avoid any misbehavior, whether in person or online, as the security agencies are super efficient, and you can get caught easily.

Also, sexual relations outside marriage, homosexuality, and pornography are all big Nos in UAE, so don’t try to get anything from hidden ways, as the consequences can be very harsh.

  • Check all your travel documents

Before you arrive in the UAE, make sure you have a valid passport that won’t expire until six months, plus you have a Visa to visit the UAE. A valid passport is enough if you are from a country eligible for a visa on arrival. Otherwise, apply for a visa from your home country prior to travel.

  • Avoid visiting during Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of praying and fasting, so most activities and attractions will close during Ramadan. So check the dates of Ramadan before visiting UAE so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Plan Ahead so you miss nothing!

Exotic beaches, breathtaking scenery, and heart-throbbing rides are the star features of the UAE. Among the huge skyscrapers and ultra-modern society UAE has deep-rooted Arabic values and traditions. So enjoy the best of both worlds and experience the most hospitable place on the planet. 

ZBut while you visit and stay in the UAE, make a list of all the places you want to see and prepare beforehand, so you don’t offend the locals with your inappropriate dressing, behavior, and activities.